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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Choosing a new Color Palette

Maybe its the change of seasons...bring on SPRING!
or the fact that I am sooo tired of my current decor.
Most likely its because I have been incredibly inspired by all the wonderful blogs I have been reading lately.
As a result, I have decided to pick a whole new color palette for my home.
Step 1.  Find some inspiration.
It can be found in many places...art, nature, magazine photos, fabric, a new rug, the list goes on and on. I found mine while browsing through some wallpaper books.

I love the cool colors of this leaf print wallpaper. Although the pattern is more than I would put on the wall...the colors are perfect. Now to find them in the Sherwin Williams Paint color fan deck. 

And the winners are:
1. Sensible Hue SW 6198
2. Dorian Gray SW 7017 
3. Incredible White SW 7028
4. Balanced Beige SW 7037
5. Amazing Gray SW 7044 

Now, I will be picking just one or two of the above colors for my walls in the family room. I am leaning toward Amazing Gray - its just the right tone, warm and muted, and will match the artwork I have hanging in the room.

I recently purchased a new couch with two great looking graphic print pillows. I love the addition of the turquoise blue and warm tobacco color to offset all the other cool colors in the wallpaper print that I chose as my inspiration.

So, here is my new Color Palette!!

You may have noticed a glimpse of some grasscloth wallpaper in my photos. I chose that to use on a future project...
Wallpapering a Bookshelf...post to follow later.
Stay Tuned...

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