Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making progress…

Happy to report that I am making progress on this little chair…


Last week I showed you this little chair and talked about my plans to give it a fresh new look. Well, I purchased new fabric for the seat and picked a fun new paint color to coordinate with the fabric…

The color I chose is Cloudburst SW6487 by Sherwin Williams. I am using this same color throughout the cabin and think it will be the perfect accent color to add the the guest room.

First step - remove the cushion and strip the fabric…



Why is there always one screw that gets “stripped”? After some extra effort I was able to get the last bracket off the bottom of the seat.

The jungle print fabric was put over the original chair fabric. This tan colored fabric had a heavy texture that you could feel through the jungle print on top. I do not want to have the same issue when I add my new fabric, so I removed it as well…


Now, I have just the particle board seat bottom and the original foam pad. This pad was very, very flat…from all those countless hours of homework I am sure! So I decided to add another layer of foam to boost the comfort level of the seat.

I have this large roll of foam on hand and think it will work perfect. Just need to roll it out and cut a piece the same size as the seat bottom…




After cutting out the shape with scissors, I used this spray adhesive to glue the two pieces of foam together…


Now…here is this little chair with a new, comfy, padded seat cushion…


Pretty good progress made today…next step will be sanding and priming the chair for painting. Looking forward to seeing the Cloudburst paint color on the chair, with the new fabric!

What projects are you currently working on? Please stop by and share…

PS.…you might have noticed some large tree stumps in the background of one of the pictures above – these will be used for a future project to be revealed soon – stay tuned!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Is it Friday….already?

Why do some weeks seem to fly by much quicker than others?!

You know the old saying “Time flies when you are having fun!” or in my case this week “I don’t have time to do everything I planned on!”

I am currently working on 2 client projects and a DIY on “this little chair” seen here. One thing I know for sure…I. Must. Stop. Reading. Blogs. Today!

While browsing through some of my daily favorites I tend to get distracted. Like this post from Emily over at Emily A. Clark…which makes me want to start re-arranging my bookshelves!


Or this post from Janell over at Isabella & Max Rooms…which makes me want to go out shopping!

Not to mention that it is currently 72’ here is sunny California…where we don’t know the meaning of the word “winter” this year!



The daffodils in my front yard have exploded this week! So bright and pretty! A sure sign of spring…even if it is only February!

Now time to get back to work…focus, Laura, focus!
Wishing you a happy, and productive Friday!


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This little chair…

This post begins with this little chair…


In desperate need of a facelift and update! The chair is solid wood and sturdy…but the primary colored jungle print has got to go!

This little chair has a nice history…it was given to us by a friend to be used at our lake house guest room. This little chair lived in her daughters bedroom, next to her daughters desk, for many years. When they moved and bought new furniture, they generously gave the entire set to us…chair, desk, and bunk beds. We happily accepted as we were furnishing our cabin at the time, and were more than willing to take all “donations” from friends.

Now it is time to spruce up this little chair, and eventually the entire bedroom set.
Step one – choose a fabric to re-cover the seat…

I chose this Richloom Fabric – Celina Opal – that I found at a local discount fabric warehouse. It is also currently available at found here. I love all of the bright colors and floral pattern on the white background.

Next step – choose a color to paint the chair…


I began by pulling out my Sherwin Williams fan deck and browsed through the blues and greens to find the right shade. I am using this greenish blue color as an accent all around the cabin so pulled it first - SW 6487 Cloudburst
However, I  like the brighter yellowish green in the fabric too! I found an almost perfect match with - SW 6711 Parakeet


I suppose I could always just go with white, but why not give this little chair a really fun new look, that will give the room a big pop of color and the style?!


I promise to choose the paint color this week, and start painting this weekend!

What color do you like best?
Do you think I should go Blue, Green, or White?

Monday, February 20, 2012

On Trend...Neon

Q:   What is trending now in décor, and fashion?

A:   Neon!

Yes, these bold colors are back - again. They seem to “pop” up every few years. I have even lived through a few of these phases myself…remember the 80’s?…big earrings, bright clothes, and BIG hair! I will save those pictures for another day!

Back to décor…the use of neon in design is a bold way to add the color you may be craving during these long winter months.

Inspired by this outfit…

Here are some fun, and bold. ways to add neon green to your décor…


Notice how using lots of black and white in the furniture and accessories keeps the look fresh, yet not overwhelming.

How do you like neon?
Would you wear it? Or use it in your décor?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Entry Addition…

While heading out to the fabric store this week…I stopped in to my favorite thrift store just to browse. Look what I found…


I was very excited since I have been looking for a piece to add to my entry way. I was even more excited to learn that it was 1/2 off that day! So…I bought it…of course!



This little table is in excellent condition! I just brought her in and cleaned her up a bit. I love all of the detail and especially the beveled glass inserts.

Now for the fun part. I spent a few minutes walking around my house looking for items to style my new little entry table…






I love the eclectic look of the traditional style antique table mixed with more modern pieces like the ceramic cut-out lamp and white foo dog. Still playing with the items inside the cabinet…have already changed them out several times! Currently painting the wood box white to add a brighter pop of color.

Here is a shot in the evening, with the lamp turned on…


I like the way the light and shadows look across my stenciled walls. The large stencil adds so much character to the space. Read more about that project here.

Welcome to our home…


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Burlap Table Runners…

I love using table runners, and I love most all things burlap…so imagine combining the two and what do you get?

Beautiful tablescapes…

Pinned Image
pinterest via cote de texas

Pinned Image
pinterest via

Pinned Image
pinterest via

You can vary the look by leaving the burlap plain – using the natural texture to add interest, or add a customized stencil…

Burlap runners_76

Monogrammed Burlap Table Runner 14 x 114 Weddings

You can also add ruffles, fringe, or fabric flowers…

Burlap Table Runner With Fringe 18"x72", natural color

ruffled burlap table runner

flower farmhouse burlap table runner - 72 inches

Do you love burlap as much as me? How do you like to use it in your decor?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Chip It! by Sherwin Williams

Have you ever seen a photograph with all the colors you love…and thought, I wish I could paint my room like that?

Well, now you can! With Sherwin Williams new Chip It! Tool – you can create custom color palettes from any photo! I recently discovered this creative tool and I am totally hooked! It can be quite addictive. Here are a few of my recent color boards…

It is so fun and easy to use. Just go to the SW Chip it! Tool website and drag and drop the Chip It! button onto your Bookmark Toolbar. Then, whenever you see a photo with colors you like, just hit your Chip It! button, mouse over the photo and hit Chip It!
It’s that easy…

Once you create a chip card, you can save it to your ChipBooks. They also let you organize your chip cards by category…so you can create as many as you like in every color family you desire. You can even share your ChipBooks on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest with just the click of a button!

Now, head on over to SW Chip It! Tool and get started. Just be sure you have some time to play…you will be there a while!

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