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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making progress…

Happy to report that I am making progress on this little chair…


Last week I showed you this little chair and talked about my plans to give it a fresh new look. Well, I purchased new fabric for the seat and picked a fun new paint color to coordinate with the fabric…

The color I chose is Cloudburst SW6487 by Sherwin Williams. I am using this same color throughout the cabin and think it will be the perfect accent color to add the the guest room.

First step - remove the cushion and strip the fabric…



Why is there always one screw that gets “stripped”? After some extra effort I was able to get the last bracket off the bottom of the seat.

The jungle print fabric was put over the original chair fabric. This tan colored fabric had a heavy texture that you could feel through the jungle print on top. I do not want to have the same issue when I add my new fabric, so I removed it as well…


Now, I have just the particle board seat bottom and the original foam pad. This pad was very, very flat…from all those countless hours of homework I am sure! So I decided to add another layer of foam to boost the comfort level of the seat.

I have this large roll of foam on hand and think it will work perfect. Just need to roll it out and cut a piece the same size as the seat bottom…




After cutting out the shape with scissors, I used this spray adhesive to glue the two pieces of foam together…


Now…here is this little chair with a new, comfy, padded seat cushion…


Pretty good progress made today…next step will be sanding and priming the chair for painting. Looking forward to seeing the Cloudburst paint color on the chair, with the new fabric!

What projects are you currently working on? Please stop by and share…

PS.…you might have noticed some large tree stumps in the background of one of the pictures above – these will be used for a future project to be revealed soon – stay tuned!


  1. I've searched for the fabric you have shown on fabric.com and I can't find it. Do you know the name or item # for it? We just painted out kitchen in the SW parakeet color and this would be perfect. Thanks!

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