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Friday, February 24, 2012

Is it Friday….already?

Why do some weeks seem to fly by much quicker than others?!

You know the old saying “Time flies when you are having fun!” or in my case this week “I don’t have time to do everything I planned on!”

I am currently working on 2 client projects and a DIY on “this little chair” seen here. One thing I know for sure…I. Must. Stop. Reading. Blogs. Today!

While browsing through some of my daily favorites I tend to get distracted. Like this post from Emily over at Emily A. Clark…which makes me want to start re-arranging my bookshelves!


Or this post from Janell over at Isabella & Max Rooms…which makes me want to go out shopping!

Not to mention that it is currently 72’ here is sunny California…where we don’t know the meaning of the word “winter” this year!



The daffodils in my front yard have exploded this week! So bright and pretty! A sure sign of spring…even if it is only February!

Now time to get back to work…focus, Laura, focus!
Wishing you a happy, and productive Friday!



  1. Love the pictures of your daffodils!


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