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Monday, February 20, 2012

On Trend...Neon

Q:   What is trending now in décor, and fashion?

A:   Neon!

Yes, these bold colors are back - again. They seem to “pop” up every few years. I have even lived through a few of these phases myself…remember the 80’s?…big earrings, bright clothes, and BIG hair! I will save those pictures for another day!

Back to décor…the use of neon in design is a bold way to add the color you may be craving during these long winter months.

Inspired by this outfit…

Here are some fun, and bold. ways to add neon green to your décor…


Notice how using lots of black and white in the furniture and accessories keeps the look fresh, yet not overwhelming.

How do you like neon?
Would you wear it? Or use it in your décor?

1 comment:

  1. Love the green, I just don't know that I could pull it off in our home. I would paint a small piece of furniture in a fun neon green.
    I'm a little envious of your family relaxation time :)


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