Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mason Jar Lantern

Today I want to share a fun project I made for our Girls Night Out event at the shop Hip Chick Designs.

my inspiration photo via Pinterest
Step one ~ gather your supplies…
Mason Jars
Mod Podge & foam brush
Decorative paper
Assorted beads
Wire – I used .20 gauge
Needle nose wire clippers
Decorative rocks or sand
Votive candles

Start with cutting a length of your wire. I used about 5’ of wire for each lantern



Then cut that 5’length into 4 pieces…3 at 12 inches and 1 at 24 inches. Use the 24 inch section to wrap around the neck of your jar. Wrap the wire just under the lip of your jar twice and lightly twist ends…

Remove this piece and attach each 12 inch piece like this…

Place it back on the neck of your jar and tighten by twisting ends, then clip off excess

Now cut your paper into 1/2 inch wide strips…and select some beads
Thread your beads onto the wires
Thread all 3 pieces thru a large bead then create your hanging loop at the top (sorry for the blurry i-phone photo on this step!)

Apply your paper strips with Mod Podge (note that I used double sided paper since you can see the pretty patterns thru the glass)

Fill bottom of your jar with some decorative rocks or sand, add a votive candle, and enjoy!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Adirondack Chair Ideas…My Hometalk Clipboard

Last week I was contacted by Hometalk to curate a clip board about Adirondack Chairs. I was honored to take part in putting together an awe inspiring board, all about Adirondacks!


Hometalk is a great resource for all things home and garden. This interactive site is fueled by professionals and home enthusiasts that are available to answer questions and give advice. You can even post your own projects that you would like to share!

Click here for more info on how to join this creative community.


They asked me to include my post about how I freshened up my own Adirondack chairs last spring…see original post here.  I also selected some other inspiring posts featuring great ideas.

Click here to see my clipboard on 15 ~ Awe Inspiring Ideas for Adirondack Chairs

And be sure to take some time to browse around Hometalk…you are sure to find a lot more inspiration!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Vintage Window Wedding Sign

I first shared about my hand painted window sign in this post last March. As a result of that sign, I was commissioned to create another vintage window sign for a client who came into our shop.


Suzanne came in to purchase some chalk paint, and commented on the vintage window sign waiting to be picked up. I told her that I made it by using a reverse paint on glass technique – see full tutorial here - and also make custom signage for weddings or any occasion.


Since she was currently shopping for an upcoming wedding gift…she excitedly hired me on the spot to create one for her friends!

I repainted the vintage window frame in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint ~ Old White, then distressed it to let some of the previous layers and colors show through. I left the hardware as is…I love the aged patina of the brass.
I am currently working on another vintage window wedding sign for a client’s daughter. They make wonderful gifts and charming d├ęcor for a personalized memento of that very special day!
I can create custom signs for weddings, birthdays (perfect for baby shower gifts), and other signage like this one…
Home Sweet Home – hand painted on vintage window frame with textured glass
Update - SOLD
Let me know if I can create one for you!!

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Word of the Month ~ June 2013

Wallpaper sand, stones, zen

Definition:  enlightenment gained through meditation and intuition

After giving a lot of thought and contemplation to the last few months, I am currently moving towards a new direction on my creative journey. I have decided to pursue a life long passion to paint, and am excited to see where this decision will take me. Although I will no longer be working on a regular basis at the shop, I will continue to teach classes and fill in for Carrie when she needs me. I look forward to our collaborations and becoming a student of her inspiring artistic talent.

…a year of tranquility

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