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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Word of the Month ~ June 2013

Wallpaper sand, stones, zen

Definition:  enlightenment gained through meditation and intuition

After giving a lot of thought and contemplation to the last few months, I am currently moving towards a new direction on my creative journey. I have decided to pursue a life long passion to paint, and am excited to see where this decision will take me. Although I will no longer be working on a regular basis at the shop, I will continue to teach classes and fill in for Carrie when she needs me. I look forward to our collaborations and becoming a student of her inspiring artistic talent.

…a year of tranquility


  1. Great word! And, good for you for pursuing your passion.

  2. This is well timed. I've been stressed out lately, feeling like I can't get out from under everything I have to do. That shouldn't stop me from striving towards a feeling of zen. Thank you. water damage Austin TX


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