Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Chalkboard Art…

Inspired by our recent vacation to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico…I decided to create some chalk board art that reminds me of the perfect days we spent at the beach!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Summer Jewels…

With summer in full swing, I find myself drawn toward jewelry with a light and fresh feeling. Today I received my Joss & Main mailer featuring the Far Away Treasures Lookbook. This eclectic collection of handcrafted jewelry and hand painted trinket trays has the perfect selection of summer jewels.

Here are some of my favorites…

Leora Pearl Earring
Banu Ring
Suri Necklace
Devi Earrings
Luna Ring
Dayton Necklace

Bryn Earrings

Gita Ring
Breakers Coaster in Blue
Napoleon Coaster
Bayshore Coaster
Head over to Joss & Main today to see more of this pretty collection!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Beach Photography and a Guest Post…

After a week long vacation at the beach in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico…I am happily home and relaxed! Good thing because the day before I left for vacation…my laptop hard drive crashed! Ugh!

Good news is that I am back up and running and have even loaded all the photos from our trip onto my repaired computer.


All of the above photos were taken the evening we arrived at our villa on playa Punta Negra, a beautiful beach with spectacular views. I have posted these unedited shots…since I have not yet re-loaded my photo editing software…and the colors are so natural and gorgeous! More beautiful beach shots to come...stay tuned.
On another note…I was excited to guest post over at Shabby Art Boutique this week! I was invited as a guest by Kerryanne, a very talented blogger and artist, while she is busy during her move. Be sure to stop over and see my DIY Memory Keeper tutorial and stay awhile to browse through all of the other posts and projects.
Thanks Kerryanne for having me…and good luck with your move!

Monday, July 15, 2013

At the beach…

As you read this post I will be here…


We are on vacation this week in Puerto Vallarta! This photo of the view from the villa terrace was sent to me a few weeks ago by the owner…just to get me excited about the trip! It worked!!
Looking forward to some quality time with the family to relax, read, eat, drink, and rejuvenate!
Have a great week!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Dining in the round…

I am on the hunt for the perfect round dining table! I currently have a rectangular English pine table in my breakfast nook, but feel its time for a change. I have had the pine table for a long time…and still love it, so I will be moving it into my dining room.

Here is a pic of my pine table from one of my very first posts ever…

Wow…I see so many things I would change about this photo…but back on topic! This space is perfect for a round table and I am craving a bit of change.

Here are some inspiration photos I have collected…

Traditional Dining Room with Round Glass Table
Traditional Dining Room Set with Wood Round Dining Table Trends in Dining Room Furniture Models
White Design of Dining Room with Round Table Round Dining Table, Best Design for Business Meeting
Beautiful dining room,thought these were Wall hanging planters in the backdrop , they are actually huge Topiary's in Planters, like this look! Think we can amke this Table out of two Heavy Duty Clay Pots  end to end, then make the table top out of 2x6's with a veneer, love the challenge.
I am leaning toward a pedestal style which increases seating space since you don't have 4 legs to maneuver around. I would like to have seating for at least 6 chairs.
I found this chart via Kravet to use as a guideline…
Looks like a 54” to 60” round will be the perfect size. Now let the hunt begin!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Independence Day

We are off to our lake cabin this week to celebrate the 4th of July holiday with family and friends…


love the view....wicker...flag and lake

happy to be independent
Happy 4th of July!!
images via Pinterest

Monday, July 1, 2013

Guest Post from Jo Alexander

When I was recently contacted by Jo Alexander about a guest post featuring some of their outdoor furniture and garden items…I was thrilled! This online company has beautiful ideas and inspiration for creating fabulous outdoor spaces.

Jo Alexander is located in the countryside just west of Cambridge city in the sleepy village of Knapwell. They are a small privately owned, family run business that was started in 1999.

I love their philosophy…”Your home and garden is your haven - an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. A tranquil place to relax with family and friends”

Take it away Patricia…


Rediscover your garden this summer
by Patricia Salazar

No room in your home is as seasonal as your garden: an outdoor paradise that your routine in the winter might not allow you to enjoy as much as you would like to. In the summer, however, your garden is full of life again this summer is time to make the most out of it!


Organize space with quality garden furniture.Outdoor space is organized in particular ways; ideally you will want to use it as wisely as possible without cramming it. A clean, organized garden is where you will want to spend your long, lazy summer afternoons.

And, to that end, what better than quality teak garden furniture when it comes to furnishing your garden? Choosing well designed products is a long term investment that you will not regret. In fact, all you will want to do this summer is spend it in your garden!


Jo Alexander’s catalogue is full of quality options to furnish your garden with: from elegant loungers to sunbathe next to the pool, to sturdy tables to have your summer dinner parties on all has been carefully considered beforehand. Have a look at their site and pick some lovely ideas.

Use your garden during the day... and at night

Warm summer days are invariably followed by blissfully long evenings spend all the time in your garden! Late Saturday breakfasts on a charming outdoor sofa, or lovely Sunday barbecues in a Kadai Fire Bowl to wow all your guests! These are only two ideas when it comes to spending your daytime in the garden.


In the evening, make sure your garden is well lit, perhaps with a series of T - lights or rust linear lanterns there are many beautiful ways to decorate your garden at night, and make those yearned for cocktail parties possible!


Garden accessories for every occasion

Not to forget, gardens are also the favourite place of the house for plant lovers! Furnishing your garden with tasteful plant pots of all shapes and sizes, all manufactured by skilled craftsmen, will infuse your garden with life. Plants bring freshness and a very unique atmosphere to any space; and outdoor spaces in particular. Ceramics pots and planters, or rattan and willow ones, will be the best option for your choice of plants: small palm trees or ferns or herbs for foodies!


And what to say about outdoor parties? Nothing like bunting to bring a festive air to your garden.


Don’t forget: summer has just started, don’t let another summer go by without enjoying the undiscovered joy of outdoor life!


Thanks so much Patricia! I love all of the tips and items you selected to help us create the perfect space to celebrate summer in our own backyard! I am crazy about that Kadia Fire Bowl…and the backyard bunting is just too cute!

Be sure to visit Jo Alexander on their website here for more fabulous finds and inspiration.

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