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Friday, July 12, 2013

Dining in the round…

I am on the hunt for the perfect round dining table! I currently have a rectangular English pine table in my breakfast nook, but feel its time for a change. I have had the pine table for a long time…and still love it, so I will be moving it into my dining room.

Here is a pic of my pine table from one of my very first posts ever…

Wow…I see so many things I would change about this photo…but back on topic! This space is perfect for a round table and I am craving a bit of change.

Here are some inspiration photos I have collected…

Traditional Dining Room with Round Glass Table
Traditional Dining Room Set with Wood Round Dining Table Trends in Dining Room Furniture Models
White Design of Dining Room with Round Table Round Dining Table, Best Design for Business Meeting
Beautiful dining room,thought these were Wall hanging planters in the backdrop , they are actually huge Topiary's in Planters, like this look! Think we can amke this Table out of two Heavy Duty Clay Pots  end to end, then make the table top out of 2x6's with a veneer, love the challenge.
I am leaning toward a pedestal style which increases seating space since you don't have 4 legs to maneuver around. I would like to have seating for at least 6 chairs.
I found this chart via Kravet to use as a guideline…
Looks like a 54” to 60” round will be the perfect size. Now let the hunt begin!!


  1. We finally purchased a round and I love it. Fits the space and seats more easily in a small space. We got ours at PB.

  2. We used to have a round dining table and loved it. Good luck with your hunt!


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