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Monday, November 21, 2011

Find your place...

Fall Table setting

With Thanksgiving just a couple of days away I have been thinking about how I will be setting the table. Normally, we have a large group and we like to keep it very casual and simple...grab a plate, fill it with lots of yummy food, and sit wherever you like to enjoy the feast! 
This year there will be a smaller group gathering for dinner and I am considering adding place cards to my Thanskgiving table.
I almost always use fall leaves on my table scape like this picture. I could simply write each persons name on the leaf with a metallic ink pen.

Fall Table Setting

I love the idea of using something organic like an apple, pear, or mini pumpkin set on each plate with a simple name tag attached.

Fall table setting.

Awesome Fall Table setting.  Going to do this for Thanksgiving Dinner

Simple but elegant fall table setting

fall table setting

I like the look of these napkins with a shaft of wheat tucked into a tie made of twine...

Cute detail for a Fall table setting

Perhaps I will place an inspiring note of thanks and appreciation on each plate...letting our guests know how much we enjoy spending the day with all of them.

fall table setting

How will you decorate your Thanksgiving table? 

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  1. Came over to say hello after seeing your comment on my blog. Hum, how will I be setting the table? Very simply, but what gorgeous examples you show, makes me want to whip up something festive! All the best with your blog, Janell


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