Saturday, December 10, 2011

Fun & Funny Gifts

Time to put the fun back into shopping and gift giving. While browsing over at Houzz the other day, I saw an ideabook that is sure to make you and the gift recipient smile.

Cute, silly, and borderline "tacky", yet in the most delightful and cheerful way...

A Christmas Story 40" Large Leg Lamp

Yes, I had to start with the classic! Who wouldn't love this "major award" displayed in their front window?

The Buddha Butter Dish. Set this not-so-subtle hint out on the table and your hubby is sure to join you on your after dinner walk around the block!

via Think Geek

The OCD Cutting Board. May you never have a carrot too long, cucumber slice too thick, or bread slice out of square. This one will make Martha proud!

via Fred Flare

What better way to say "Thanks" for hosting this lovely holiday party than giving a sock monkey stuffed with a bottle of wine? This is sure to even make a bottle of 2-buck-chuck taste better!

Wine Glass Lampshades
via MoMa
If that still doesn't work...ditch the wine and use the glasses as lamps...or "glamps".

iPad 2 sleeve - Cat - Gray designer felt
via Etsy
Moving on to all the tech about a gray felt Cat i-pad cover? This one even comes with a shoulder strap to keep you looking purrrrrfectly stylish!


via Fred Flare

The Aphrodite USB Hub. Bring class and elegance to your work space with the Greek goddess of beauty, love, and convenience!

via Fred Flare

No live animals were harmed while creating this perfect piece of kitsch. Cozy up the kitchen or den...and perfect your puzzle making skills all at one time!

via Fred Flare

Who doesn't wonder what Spot and Fluffy are up to all day? Clip this clever invention onto their collar and get a pets eye view of all the neighborhood bird feeders and fire hydrants!
The Tickle Me Plant. A more vegan friendly option to the ever popular Venus Fly Trap.
Unzipped Glass Zipper Bag
Who needs to invest in Baccarat crystal when you can get this faux ziplock bag candy dish?

Dance Step Coasters - Set of 4
Dance Step Coaster Set. Just in case you enjoy a little too much of the bubbly, and you cant remember your Rhumba from your Cha Cha Cha!
Now you have no excuse to not get out there and shop til you drop!

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