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Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Showers & Polka Dots

With the arrival of Spring comes the promise of rain showers…

It is the perfect time to add some fun new accessories for yourself and even your home. How about adding a little bit of polka dot for some chic spring style?
Umbrellas ~ so many pretty colors to choose from…
Polka Dot Umbrella kids, multi, kids accessories
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Rain Boots ~ functional and oh-so-stylish…
polka-dot rain boots - Photo
Here is a clever way to combine the two that will help you avoid a puddle in your entry…
Never get caught unprepared in a sudden downpour with this purse/umbrella combo…
Finally, if you just cant find the right color and style, follow this easy DIY tutorial from the blog
Henry Happened to make your own Polka Dot Umbrella…fun!
So, how are keeping dry and stylish this spring?
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  1. I'd love a really cute umbrella (of any kind!)

  2. I used to live in Seattle, so my umbrella and I are best friends :) The polka dots are SO cute!


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