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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Word of the Month ~ May 2013



Definition:   free from agitation of mind and spirit;  free from disturbance and turmoil
While visiting the beautiful Napa Valley last year, I took this photo outside one of our favorite wineries. I love the tranquility of the bare grape vines,  perfectly aligned, stretching up and over the hill to meet the moody, cloud filled sky, mixed with the wild mustard seed and bits of green grass. I remember standing at this spot, taking this photograph, and feeling so peaceful and thankful to live in such a beautiful place. Every time I look at it, I clear my mind of all the distractions that might be filling my day and enjoy the wonderful memories.

…a year of tranquility


  1. I am hoping that will be my word for the month of June! We have been busy busy this month. Will bring home Katie next week. I am looking forward to have projects done so we can just concentrate on being a family. Summer will go by very quickly!!

  2. Amazing photo Laura! Seriously, that should be in a magazine...



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