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Monday, August 26, 2013

10 Easy Care Houseplants…

For everyone who has purchased that lovely pot of greenery at the nursery and, optimistically brought it home, only to watch it whither and die…read on!

While I am sure there are a lot of plants that will thrive and grow in your home…today I will be featuring the top 10 and some tips to get you on the way to a green thumb!
1. Schefflera
2. Sanseveria
3. Philodendron
4. Dieffenbachia
5. Lucky Bamboo

6. Calathea
7. Croton
8. African Violet
9. Orchid
10. Aglaeonama
Houseplant Care and Tips
Light: Most houseplants need bright indirect light. A west facing window can be too bright and hot and may burn the leaves, yet a dim corner away from a window can cause the leaves to wither and die. Here is an easy to remember, general rule of (green) thumb…if you can read by the natural light in a room, its probably bright enough for most houseplants.
Plants that grow in High Light
High Light = as much light as possible/within 3 feet of a sunny window
Yucca – Fiddle Leaf Fig – Croton – Weeping Fig – Succulents – Calathea

Plants that grow in Medium Light
Medium Light = moderately lit area/within 8 feet of a sunny window
Dieffenbachia – Schefflera – Spider Plant – Lucky Bamboo – Orchid
Plants that grow in Low Light
Low Light = poorly lit area with no direct sun/bright enough to read by day
Philodendron – Sanseveria – Peace Lily – Aglaonema – Corn Plant
Water: Do not follow a strict watering schedule, but do check your plants regularly and learn their preferences. Always water plants thoroughly – until water drains out the bottom of the pot. I like to set mine in the sink or tub to allow them a few minutes to drain. There should be an inch or two of space from the soil line to the lip of the pot. Never let the pot stand in drainage water as this will cause root rot.
Tips: Liquid fertilizers are the easiest way to feed your plants and offer the best results. Feed foliage plants more often in spring and less frequently in winter – follow directions on container. Blooming houseplants usually require more feeding – like African Violet and Orchid. Finally – remember to dust your houseplant leaves seasonally! Dusty leaves provide a haven for harmful insects and inhibit your plants ability to absorb light and thrive.
For more tips and information see the Lowe's post on Houseplants for Beginners here. They offer excellent advice and even more house friendly, easy to grow plants.
Hopefully these tips and plant suggestions will help you fill your home with beautiful greenery to enjoy daily.  Please share your favorite houseplants and any tips you may have to help us all develop our own Green Thumb!

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  1. How about a good ol' pothos? They are so easy and pretty. I do not have good luck with orchids..they never rebloom for me. An orchid with no flowers isn't very pretty. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing. I was just thinking I needed to add a bit of green in the house.

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