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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree...my inspiration and my real, live tree

After 15 years of having a beautiful artificial tree…I decided to do something a little different this year. In a word…I wanted to “Simplify” all of my holiday décor…and I found the following images as inspiration…

White Christmas
Small Tree
Illyria Pottery Christmas
I pinned these images to my board Christmas Inspiration and set out to find a real…LIVE…tree. I was happy to find just what I was looking for at my local Home Depot. I am so pleased with the way the live tree looks in my home…
Because it is a quite a bit smaller than my 8’ artificial tree…after setting it into a galvanized tub and wrapping the base with burlap, I set it on top of a natural tree stump for height. I still have lots of stumps in my backyard from several pine trees we had removed…see this post.
I added a couple of smaller, decorative pines and just wrapped their containers in a little burlap tied with twine. I am loving the distressed child sized wooden folding chair I found while antiquing with a some girlfriends a few weeks ago…
I also decided to use all white to trim the tree. This is very different that usual…and so much simpler. Perhaps a couple of years without seeing all of my other ornaments will be a good way to get excited to use them again. For now, I am loving this simple, natural, live tree. We plan to take it to our cabin and plant it on our property after the holidays…
Its fun to do something different, and simple. It has me inspired to continue the simple theme around my entire home.

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