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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dance in the rain…

While the rest of the country is snowed in, iced over, and freezing cold…we here in California are so happy today because…it’s RAINING!!

I took the opportunity to create a fun graphic expressing the sentiment of most of us here in Northern California. The above image was created from my cool new i-phone app called Waterlogue.  This fun app will turn any photo into a beautiful looking water color painting.
Warning:  This app is extremely addicting! Please open, download, and use with caution…and only if you have plenty of time to spare! Visit their official website here for more info.
Stacks Image 397
The text was added by another fun app I recently found called Over. This app offers a fun and easy way to add text and graphics to your photos. Visit their official website here.
The forecast calls for more rain and SNOW in the mountains…YAY!! In fact, I am off to Tahoe on Monday for a few days of skiing, drinking, eating, and hanging out with some friends. Have a great week, and don’t forget to…

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  1. So glad you all are finally getting some relief. Love the pic, and yes, totally addicted to that app!!


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