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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Time to Pack my Travel Bag…

This week I am busy getting ready for my trip to Milan, Italy! I will be leaving on Friday morning, so today I am gathering all the necessities for my travel bag.
Itnerary – check.
My friend Jackie typed up our plans for the week…it is going to be amazing! First stop Milan, for the International Interior Design Expo. We are then taking the train to Venice for a couple of days…and hope to take another day trip to Lake Como, and Belaggio.
Magazines – check.
Always good to have a little reading material. I will also bring my i-pad that has several books already loaded. However, nothing beats a good rag mag like People and my all time favorite Vanity Fair!
Travel Pillow – check.
I recently purchased this oh so cute leopard print neck pillow for the 12+ hour flight. I have never used one before. If this helps me get some sleep on the overnight flight I will be happy!
Passport & Euros – check & check.
I will not get very far without either of these!
Umbrella – check.
It is Spring in Italy right now and there is a chance of showers. I bought this little plaid travel umbrella at the Gap several years ago on another trip. It is the perfect size to carry in my bag and will come in handy when needed.
Snack – check.
I like to pack a couple of bars to nibble on. These Nature Valley Salty Sweet Peanut bars are one of my favorites!
Journal & Pen – check.
I will try my best to keep some notes about the trip in this travel size journal. I am not very good about journaling, and always regret it.
i-phone Earbuds – check.
Currently working on my i-tunes library to be sure to have plenty of music for  the plane ride.
Lip Balm, Hair Band, Glasses – check, check, check.
I always have these items in my bag. Not pictured but also included are some hand lotion and travel tissue. These are all necessities for every day!
I will be away for my computer and posting while I am gone. I will do my best to share some photos on Instagram. Follow along here. Looking forward to an amazing week and sharing with you all the details when I return.


  1. How fun- Bon Voyage! I was in Milan and Venice last fall - fabulous cities- but I wish my travel bag had been as organized as yours :)

  2. So jealous! I need to follow you on IG so I can see all the pics!

  3. I am looking forward to living vicariously through your instagram feed! Have a wonderful trip!!

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