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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hallway Art

After I finished painting the horizontal stripes on my hallway project I decided to add some new art to this space.
I found a subway art poster and loved all of the inspiring words it had. 
I did not want to frame it with glass so needed to find a different way to hang it. I lucked out and found a giclee canvas print that is the EXACT  same size as my poster. I know...amazing!

After spray painting the sides black all I needed to do was attach the poster.

Thats when this Spray Adhesive came in handy.

I just sprayed the canvas and attached the poster. A perfect fit!

I also came across a very cool website called The Phraseology Project.
Graphic artist Drew Melton, got the idea to start designing user submitted words and phrases in order to practice his craft. Check out some of their awesome work here.
I purchased the "Once upon a time" print and was excited when it was delivered just days later.

I quickly opened my packaged and was impressed by the quality and wokmanship in this piece of art. It is even signed by the artist, Drew Melton.

After finding the perfect 12x12 black frame, I hung it in the hallway. It looks great against the new horizontal stripes!

Just a few more final touches and the hallway is done! Pictures coming soon...


  1. I love the poster! Where did you find it?

  2. I purchased the subway art poster at World Market several months ago...and mounted it myself as shown in this post. Glad you like it!


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