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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look to the Horizon...

When I say Horizon...I am not talking about this...

Although a beautiful site!
I am actually referring more to images like this...

I <3 horizontal stripes
and this...

horizontal stripes hallway idea

Yes, I am inspired by all the fabulous pictures of painted horizontal stripes I've been seeing lately. I have decided to add this fresh design element to the hallway in my own home.

It started with this picture by Michelle, over at the blog 4men1lady, of her awesome entryway...
So I immediately went to my Sherwin Williams Color box and selected two paint colors for my horizontal hallway stripes.

SW7042 Shoji White

Shoji White SW7042

SW6150 Universal Khaki

Universal Khaki SW6150

After living with the samples taped to the wall for a week...I am ready to begin!
Pictures and progress report to follow...

Have you painted stripes on your walls...horizontal or vertical?
I would love to hear from you and learn any tips that you may have.

images via Pinterest

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