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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wisteria...the store

On a recent weekend we (as in "Girls Only") headed to the California coast for some R, R, & S  -  that stands for Rest, Relaxation, and Shopping!

We booked a 2 room condo at the Seascape Resort in Aptos. A most beautiful spot to hang out with friends and family for the weekend.

We enjoyed the breathtaking views and the sights, sounds, and salt water breezes of the Pacific Ocean.
Saturday was our shopping day. We spent the day hitting several of the local boutiques and antique shops.
The favorite of the day had to be Wisteria Antiques & Design - located in Soquel, Ca.
This is not just an antique store...they have lush grounds filled with plants and flowers too! Visit their website here.
Walkway into the yard and store...

It is located on a beautiful piece of property with the original home still there. They have turned the house into the store...filling every room with amazing antiques and accessories. Take a look...

The rooms seem to go on forever! With some of the most inspiring vignettes...

I love this antique french dresser with the oversized distressed mirror above. They make the real boxwood wreaths onsite and sell them in their nursery. I see a possible DIY in my future!

Cute french inspired marionette wooden dolls displayed with white china and ceramic accessories.
They even had some outdoor rooms to display and sell the lush ferns, ivy, and flowers.

...and some truly unique outdoor art and birdhouses...

So, when you plan your next trip to the beautiful northern California coast, dont miss the opportunity to visit this amazing place.

The Girls
note: several images via MyRomaticHome

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