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Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Decor…simple and natural

Fall is my favorite time of year here in Northern California. The changing leaves, the chill in the air, means its time to change up my décor.

While decorating for fall this year, I am drawn to simple, natural elements like these…

Orchard Fruits
Fall Mantel Decor

The above mantels look clean, simple and sophisticated. Using natural elements like leaves, berries, and even apples is an excellent way to bring in fall colors and textures.

How about collecting some acorns on your next outing to use this season. There are so many projects you can create…

Acorn Framed
Cover a plain picture frame
Branch Out
Leave them on the branch and put in a vase
Acorn Napkin Rings
Napkin rings for your fall table setting
Cover a wreath and hang with ribbon
Pumpkins are an obvious choice to use for fall décor. You can find them easily at the market in all shapes, sizes and colors. Put them out now and enjoy them through November…
Fall Pumpkins
Pumpkin Welcome
Create a charming Welcome Wagon
Pretty Paint Work
Personalize your pumpkins with craft paint and stencils
Lastly, gourds are another all time favorite of mine. The unique shapes and textures add so much interest to any display…
Natural Sculpture
Multi level table runner
Piled-High Pumpkins
Simply set on a round wood tray
Stacked Gourds in Glass Vases
Stacked in glass vases with the stems attached
Now that I have plenty of inspiration…I am looking forward to adding some simple and natural elements to my home for fall.

How do you like to decorate for the season?

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  1. So much inspiration! I too am all for natural. I am already over all the faux fall/Christmas stuff that has hit the craft stores.

  2. You've given me some great ideas because our driveway is about to become covered with acorns this time of year!

  3. I love these ideas. They are amazing for Fall. Have you tried all of them? What's your favorite?


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