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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pretty in Pink…

I am the youngest child of 5 in my family. I was born 4 years after the 3rd boy. My mom was thrilled to finally have another baby girl. All that said…she surrounded me in pink!

Peonies in Paris
My childhood room was a vision in Pink & White. Imagine…blush pink walls, white canopy bed with LOTS of ruffles, and pink shag carpet! Yes…I was destined to become a “Girly Girl”!

This is not my actual bedroom…oh how I wish I had a photo of it!
For the longest time, I have avoided the color pink. I have never used it in my décor…not since I was 8yrs. old any way. I rarely ever wear it. I have even shied away form buying pink flowers and plants for my yard. Thanks Mom!

However, lately I have found myself being drawn back to this beautiful feminine shade…

Pretty pink..
I especially like it when it is mixed in with aged and vintage pieces…
vintage cupboard and rug...
A Flair for Vintage Decor
As a mom of two boys myself, there has not ever been a lot of pink in my home. I remember thinking I will never be able to shop on the “pink aisle” at the toy store! You know the one, with all the barbies, dolls, ponies, and such! To be honest…I was OK with that. But now, as my boys have grown up, I am ready to add some shades of pink into my world.
There are some simple ways to start adding more pink into my home, like flowers and accessories…
sparkly pink pillows...
I am even ready to add more pink to my wardrobe…
pink and denim
Love the color combo
#armparty with Lilly Pulitzer Spring '13 Cute as Button Bangle
So how about you? Are you ready to get more “girly” with me this year? See more inspiring images on my Pinterest board Pretty in Pink.


  1. I grew up with 3 brothers, so I got a lot of pink growing up as well. And, having two girls...we still have a lot of pink! LOL I however am loving the blush shades currently. Soft and feminine.

  2. My pink pants are my absolute favorite. Love that pink girl, it makes everyone look pretty. :)

  3. Having never decorated with a lot of pink, I took the plunge with our latest and last renovation/move and painted my library a rich pink. The shelves, mouldings, cabinets and accessories are mostly white. It was a bold move on my part, but it's such a girly, fru-fru look and I love it. It's such a happy color.

  4. Combine pink with white and you get something glamorous.
    Paul @ Capital Bedrooms


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