Friday, June 6, 2014

Window Shopping…

I am not talking about the kind where you stroll along the sidewalk and gaze inside all of your favorite shops and boutiques. I am talking window shopping…literally!

Bringing the outdoors into your kitchen, and adding some light to washing up.   Cote de Texas
My new kitchen design includes replacing the window over my sink. I have been pinning images with inspiration and many beautiful options.
The first style I considered was a square window, centered over the sink…
sink uppers, window, sink, faucet, white granite...
Kitchen sink
faucet, sink, window...
I like the traditional look of this style. There are several different ways of opening a square window, including sliding, double hung - which raises from the bottom or drops from the top, and casement windows that open with a turn of a crank style handle.
Square windows look pretty with a decorative shade to add color and texture…
Window over sink
white farmhouse sink with white kitchen
sink wall with window and glass front uppers
farmhouse sink and bridge faucet
Then, these arched windows caught my eye…
White cabinets, full wall backsplash in watery green.
Perfect over the sink window...
arched kitchen window
And there was no turning back! I ordered this beautiful arched window for over my new white farmhouse sink…
over the sink window love...
I love it! I think it will be a perfect focal point for this side of the kitchen. Since I have a very private yard, I will not need to use any type of shade or blind…besides…who would ever want to cover a window this pretty!


  1. Going to be amazing. We just replaced all our front and side windows (not fun). I told hubby I wanted a very different window when it comes time to change out the kitchen window on the backside of the house.

  2. Love your inspiration pictures. You are doing such a great job of thinking of every aspect of this project.

  3. I love your pictures. I spent the weekend viewing the builder Parade homes in my area and I was sad to see so many sinks and faucets in an island facing a TV instead of the window.


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