Friday, June 27, 2014

Progress Report…Kitchen Reno Week 2

In my last post I shared some demolition photos of our kitchen remodel. Today I want to share a few progress shots and what we found “behind the walls”.

As you can see…at first glance there does not seem to be a whole lot of difference from demo day. However…lets take a closer look.
Here is the last before shot that I took the morning the crew was on their way…
See the drop ceiling or soffit over the kitchen area! We assumed it was a faux soffit and probably left over from the last re-model when there was possibly a florescent light removed? Just guessing here…and we guessed wrong! That faux soffit was not faux at all…it was covering ALL of the upstairs plumbing! Of course.
Change Order #1…
We had to bring in the plumber to cut out all of the old plumbing that was lower that the floor joists and replace it. Then install new floor joists around the new plumbing. Bottom line…more time and more $$.
Ok…back on track…right? Wrong! After removing more of the ceiling drywall we found another “issue”….
See that little white dot? That is looking up from the kitchen area to the master bathroom floor…right outside the shower. That little white dot is daylight…bad news! Plus there is obvious signs of water damage along that whole seam.
Here is a look at the shower and original 1967 tile floor that is leaking…
Bottom line…time to demo and remodel the master bathroom! This has been on our “list” for a while. We had planned to attack it after the dust of the kitchen project had settled. However, that project needs to happen now! No sense letting this leaky floor ruin my brand new kitchen.
Oh…did I mention that when the plumber was here he found our hot water heater was leaking? Yes…we had to replace it. Again…just more time and $$.
So much for the budget! You hear all of the stories about remodels like this…finding surprises behind the walls. Well, let me tell you they are all true!
My favorite blog friend, Janell from House of Fifty, said this “sounds like a TV show”! Ha! I wish it was all demo’d, fixed, installed, and pretty in 30 minutes. Our big reveal is going to take just a little bit longer!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Proceed with caution…

Today is the day…the demolition has begun! All the designing, planning, decisions, selections, and preparing, is finally taking place!
I shared one last shot of my current kitchen on Instagram,  just before the demo crew arrived…
Now it looks like this…
Demolition is quite something to watch! These guys know what they are doing…and do it quickly.
This is the first major remodel, renovation we have ever done. Let me just say, all of my recent Yoga classes are helping me find patience and inner peace while living through it!
yes…that is my fridge in the family room!
Here is a shot of my current, temporary “kitchen”…
Also known as my laundry room. I can make coffee, microwave a frozen dinner, and wash some clothes, all at the same time!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Light up my life…

After my last post on window shopping…I want to share some lighting options for my, soon to be, brand new kitchen. After viewing my inspiration…I would love your opinion!

First, I love the look of an ornate, antique chandelier over a rustic table…

love the shutters on the wall...
Dining room
Dining Room
Dining Room
I will be using my antique pine farm table in my dining area and will be using a similar chandelier to hang above it. The one I have picked out is gold tone with some crystals. Here is a (bad i-phone) photo of it from the showroom…
I recently purchased a round table to be used in the kitchen breakfast nook. For this table, I am considering using a drum shade chandelier style…
Murray Feiss Clarissa 21" Wide Firenze Gold Pendant Light - via Lamps Plus
French White 20" Wide 4-Light  Pendant Light
Grace Gold Pagoda Large Barrel Chandelier
Or, a large lantern style…
Savoy House Foxcroft 22" Wide Aged Brass Pendant Light
morgan lantern fixture
Which style do you like? Which do you think would coordinate best with the traditional chandelier? For reference, they will be visible to one another, so I am hoping to find the best option that will compliment one another.
So many decisions…I need some HELP!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Window Shopping…

I am not talking about the kind where you stroll along the sidewalk and gaze inside all of your favorite shops and boutiques. I am talking window shopping…literally!

Bringing the outdoors into your kitchen, and adding some light to washing up.   Cote de Texas
My new kitchen design includes replacing the window over my sink. I have been pinning images with inspiration and many beautiful options.
The first style I considered was a square window, centered over the sink…
sink uppers, window, sink, faucet, white granite...
Kitchen sink
faucet, sink, window...
I like the traditional look of this style. There are several different ways of opening a square window, including sliding, double hung - which raises from the bottom or drops from the top, and casement windows that open with a turn of a crank style handle.
Square windows look pretty with a decorative shade to add color and texture…
Window over sink
white farmhouse sink with white kitchen
sink wall with window and glass front uppers
farmhouse sink and bridge faucet
Then, these arched windows caught my eye…
White cabinets, full wall backsplash in watery green.
Perfect over the sink window...
arched kitchen window
And there was no turning back! I ordered this beautiful arched window for over my new white farmhouse sink…
over the sink window love...
I love it! I think it will be a perfect focal point for this side of the kitchen. Since I have a very private yard, I will not need to use any type of shade or blind…besides…who would ever want to cover a window this pretty!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

D-Day…2 weeks away!

Good Morning! Following up from my last post…our kitchen remodel project is well under way! I have completed the planning and designing stage…

The cabinets have been ordered…the appliances have been ordered…and Demo Day is just two weeks away! I must admit…it is a little bit daunting, thinking about packing up the entire kitchen and being displaced for a few weeks. Yet, I know it will all be worth it!
As shared on Instagram…my inspiration photos include white cabinets, distressed wood floors, a farm house sink, and subway tile. If I had to select just one photo it would be this one…
Drop dead gorgeous kitchen...
My wood floors will be lighter, and I am still unsure of countertop material. I LOVE the look of marble as shown above…yet a little wary on using it for my own kitchen. After reading a lot of info…I will be shopping granite/marble sites this week. Currently pricing out the arched window…love it…want it!
One detail I know for sure…I will be using gold/brass accents. Purchased a few of these knobs already…
Mother-Of-Pearl Knob jewelry for the kitchen
And pinned this light fixture to hang over my round table in the nook…
Hinkley Charlotte 16" Wide Brushed Caramel Pendant -
So many details…so little time!
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