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Monday, June 4, 2012

Party Planning 101…

We are now in the home stretch to the Grad Party this Saturday night!

All of the last minute details can be a little overwhelming. Luckily there are lots of resources out there to help you stay organized (and sane) while planning a party and ensuring it comes together smoothly and successfully!

cleverparties blog

One of my favorite resources is Clever Parties Blog found here. This site is full of party inspiration on ideas, themes, décor, and more!

Web publisher and founder, Adeline Ashley, is an experienced event planner and business woman. With over 15yrs of experience, and a long list of celebrity and corporate clients…she has even worked with Aerosmith and Oprah!! So it’s no wonder her site is full of valuable information.

I have been using the their Party Checklist and Timeline to help keep me organized and efficient. The Timeline is broken down to a weekly schedule of tasks that are easy to follow and oh so helpful.

Here is an example of tasks for the final days before the party…
2 Days
  • Check camera batteries
  • Buy extra batteries
  • Arrange party favors
  • Confirm entertainment, caterers, staff, cake, flowers etc
  • Select Music
Day Before
  • Prep Food
  • Decorate
  • Organize and set up games and favors
Party Day
  • Pick up ordered cakes, ice, balloons
  • Finish remaining decorations
  • Prepare perishable foods
  • Set tables & chairs
  • Organize bar and prep drinks
  • Have camera ready
  • Set the mood, light candles start music etc.

It is nice to have a checklist, just to be sure nothing is missed or forgotten. To see the entire Party Checklist and Timeline click here.

Another helpful list found on their Clever Party Tools tab is the Drink Calculator. Ever wonder how much and what to buy? Keep this list of handy tips in mind while planning and shopping…


Wow! 200 bottles of water?! I will definitely be heading to Costco today to stock my bar and drink stations!
What are your favorite party planning resources?


  1. What a great find! These are such great tips, I'll definitely be using that site for parties this summer. Can't wait to hear about the Grad party!!

  2. Good luck! We survived. Couldn't have been more perfect (posted pics a few minute ago).

  3. My husband has a form of that drink calculator somewhere that he's used a few times for parties. I also like to get all of my bowls and serving ware out the night before so I know what food goes where. Thanks for the tip on this website I'll have to keep that in mind.

  4. Hi Laura! I am your newest follower! I saw you on Emily Clark and clicked. You have a lovely blog and I am fascinated by the drink planner! That is something I have always wondered about and know I have a nice checklist! Thanks! Have a great time tomorrow night!

  5. Right,Good to see these useful info here..Thanks a lot for sharing them with us….

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