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Friday, July 27, 2012

Camping 101…

Happy Friday!

As I prepare for our summer camping trip I thought it would be fun to share some camping essentials that are sure to make our wilderness adventure a success!

Camping Tents

camping beds

Camping Gadgets

Coleman metal ice chest

Not exactly sure you could say I will be “roughing it” with all of the above gear…but I will be sure to have a great time!

Do you like to camp in the summer? What is your favorite camping gear?


  1. Pretty sure this is what they call "glamping" since it's so glam!


  2. Gosh, it has been YEARS since I've been camping. I much prefer a hotel with a soft bed and a warm shower :)
    However, I could be persuaded if I had all this cool gear...

  3. I love camping! That gear is so precious too... I always have a haul like that when I'm camping : ) Sad to miss it this summer... but it's not too fun to sleep on the ground when you've got a basketball for a tummy, ha!

  4. Our gear is not nearly as cute as yours! That is my kind of camping for sure. Have a great time!


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