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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Working and traveling…

Today is my first day working at the shop…Hip Chick Designs!

This is Hip Chick Designs entry, com eon in....

I will be decking the walls and tables with Christmas décor. I have been busy buying and creating ornaments and decorations, so I am excited to add them to the shop for the holiday season.


I will be taking pictures of the shop and and sharing with you next week. Be sure to visit our Facebook page here, for more info and features on our holiday décor!

Tomorrow, I am flying out to Dallas, TX to attend a birthday party. I am looking forward to visiting friends that I don’t get see very often. A couple of days away right now will be just what I need to gear up for the busy holiday season ahead!
Happy Weekend!


  1. you go girl! I am so glad to have you on my team! xoxo

  2. That shop looks so cool! Have a great time in Dallas.

  3. SO excited to see the shop and all your projects with it! Hope you had a great trip.



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