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Friday, November 2, 2012

My New Venture…

Today I am posting about a new venture/adventure that I am embarking on…

This is Hip Chick Designs entry, com eon in....
Starting yesterday, I have joined Carrie Clayden at her fabulous shop - Hip Chick Designs!

Carrie Clayden
I am beyond excited at this opportunity to make a long time dream of mine come true! Hip Chick Designs is an Art Studio & Gift Shop located in Benicia, Ca. How did this amazing adventure begin? Well, it all started with chalk paint! Ha! I was looking for a local stockist that sells Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and I found Hip Chick Designs to be my closest location.

ASCP diplay
I ventured out to Benicia, which is a quaint town full of art galleries, antique stores, shops, restaurants, and more. Located right on the water in the Bay Area, it is a great place to spend the day. Once I walked into this store I felt right at home! I met Carrie and we just immediately “clicked” as they say. I told her about my project – painting my antique dresser – and then we continued to talk for over an hour about…everything!
Besides having an awesome retail space, she also has a working art studio in the back. I have long dreamed of being part of a space exactly like this. Over the last few weeks we have continued to get to know each other – finding out we have an uncanny amount of things in common – and a shared desire to create!
White Whisperer : Annie Sloan Chalk Paint
White Whisperer by Carrie Clayden
Carrie is an amazing and talented artist. See some of her original art on the Hip Chick Designs website here. Working with her will be both inspiring and motivating. I am looking forward to where this new adventure will take the both of us!
To see more about Hip Chick Designs visit the following sites…
Oh…and by the way, I did buy some ASCP to paint my dresser that day! I have been working on it this week. Hope to have it done and posted soon…


  1. Welcome aboard Laura, I am so blessed to have you. I can't wait to see what our two creative energies can do together. Thank you for this lovely post...

  2. Wow Laura--this is so exciting! I can't wait to see what you do here! Carrie's work looks amazing and I can't wait to check out more. Also, so thrilled to meet you tomorrow at the flea market!


  3. That is awesome news Laura!! I'm so excited for you :)


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