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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY ~ Valentine Art

Last Friday was our First Friday ~ Girls Night Out event at the shop Hip Chick Designs. This new event is a fun evening to get out with a bunch of girlfriends to eat, drink and create!

The night was hosted by 4 artists and crafters…and I was one of them! My project was a Valentine Heart on a small canvas. See more pics and info on my post here.

Today I want to share a brief tutorial on this simple and cute craft…

blank canvas – I used 5x7 size
craft paint – in color of your choice
craft paper - in complimentary color schemes
craft paper punch – in flower shapes
craft glue – I used Tacky Glue brand
The directions are really simple. Since I did this craft for the Girls Night Out event, I do not have a photo for each step. However, it is easy enough to follow these written directions…

* First - paint your canvas with whatever color you choose. I painted mine with a true red

* Then - punch out your flower shapes with your craft paper punch

* Next - lightly draw your shape onto your painted canvas to use as a guide

* Finally - glue each flower onto the canvas


Here is one of the Hip Chick girls working on her canvas at the event. Notice how she is using a bamboo skewer to apply the glue to each flower before putting them in place. This is a useful tip I used while making mine, and the girls found it helpful too.


These are some of the pieces made on the Girls Night Out. Each one is original and unique…just like the artists that made them!
As you can see, some of the girls embellished their hearts with glitter and buttons…cute!
I love the way they all turned out!


  1. How cute! There is nothing more fun (I think) than sitting around with some friends and some wine and gettin crafty! Good times.

  2. How wonderful! What a great craft. You could really use it on many different holidays!

  3. Very cute! I love seeing what happens when you give a bunch of different crafters similar tools and see how different ideas formulate. Thanks for sharing!


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