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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Fall Décor…naturally


When decorating for fall, I like to add natural elements around my home. It is a simple and often inexpensive way to welcome the changing season. This year, my mother-in-law had a birch tree fall in her yard…so naturally I offered to come over and help her cut it up. All I wanted in return was some of the beautiful birch logs!

Here are 3 simple ways to use birch logs in your fall décor…

Cut 3 logs in varied heights…and use as pillar candle holders
Stack in your fireplace.
They look so pretty…and can be safely burned on a cold fall night.

Simply place extra logs in a basket on your hearth.
The color and texture add warmth…even without the fire!

That’s it! Three simple ways to decorate for fall…naturally, and almost free!

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  1. The birch is beautiful, perfect for fall. Love how you used it.

  2. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Laura,
    So happy you came by!
    I LOVE seeing your birch logs. They are my FAVORITE tree of all time!
    I just asked my husband last week where we could get a bundle of birch logs to display in our living room, next to the fireplace.
    I'm a BIG fan of adding natural elements to Fall decor.
    Have a beautiful week,


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