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Monday, October 15, 2012

ASCP…what can’t it do?!

Look what I bought last week…

I was finally able to make it over to my closest Annie Sloan Chalk Paint retailer and purchased a quart of the French Linen paint, the Clear Wax, Dark Wax, and a  waxing brush.

I am excited to try out chalk paint since I have never used it before. I am so intrigued by the fact that you can pretty much paint ANYTHING, and no sanding or prep required. This fact is excellently displayed on on a recent post I read by Deborah Cooper from the blog Round the Coop.

'round the coop

Deborah was on a quest to paint as many items she could find with ASCP to show just how awesome this paint is! Check out some of her examples below.

Baskets and books…

Pinecones and pumpkins…
Flooring and Fabric? Yes…Annie Sloan Chalk Paint can even be used on fabric…
I too was shocked to find out ASCP can be used on fabric. While I was buying my supplies I even met a girl who recently re-painted a chair…fabric and all with ASCP in Graphite and showed me some pictures. It looked great! And she swears it does not crack or chip…amazing!
Be sure to visit Round the Coop to read Debbie’s entire post and see more pictures of chalk paint goodness!
My own experiments and project details to follow soon. Have you used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint before? I would love to hear your tips and ideas!


  1. Hi Laura,

    I hope you'll love it. I like the stuff for all the reasons you mentioned, and the fact the finish is hard and durable, not soft and peely like latex. We like it so much, we've pretty much moved away from all latex paint for our business. Makes getting things finished so much faster and easier!

    Off to check out that post!

  2. Waxing your wood furniture protects the wood and gives it an unparalleled luster and depth, but some commercial waxes contain chemicals, and scents, you might not want in your home but still love to use soft wax.

  3. I use it on wood all the time but have been thinking about trying it on an old jute rug. Not totally confident about that yet though...


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