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Monday, April 23, 2012

Guest Post from Design Shuffle...

Recently, I was contact by Design Shuffle and asked to host a guest post featuring beautiful ideas for some fresh summer decor. I was thrilled to be recognized by this fabulous site, and I am even more thrilled to share it with you today.

Take it away Mari..
Hi, I’m Mari, a writer for Design Shuffle, a premier online portal where interior designers share their work and where design enthusiasts find inspiration for their projects. I am so happy to be here visiting Elegant Nest.

Today's guest post is about a very timely topic in certain parts of the world, summer-inspired interior spaces. This time of year in North America, it's out with the warm cozy design trappings of winter and in with light, airy and sometimes colorful decorating ideas for summer. Here are some of our favorites for your design inspiration. Please enjoy!

Summer Decor

What says summer more eloquently than a room with a sea view? A corner reading nook in Sarah Richardson's lovely summer house is all about a soft driftwood palette with subtle touches of blue.

Summer Decor

Even an elegant home can go coastal glam for the summer. Shells can sometimes be a bit overdone in décor, but not here. I love the giant shell as vessel sink.

Summer Decor Many of the interior design ideas used in this lofty painter's studio could be duplicated to add a summery feel to lots of different spaces—especially the large plants, white globe pendant lights and white paint on floors, walls and ceiling. Summer Decor

This pure white niche is the perfect place to show off seasonal decorative elements. The pale colors, contemporary motifs and floral touches exquisitely represent summer.

Summer Decor

A fabulously pretty dining nook is the perfect picture of summer inspiration. With subtle pattern and minty paint, this happy space would certainly get my summer days started off right!

Summer Decor

Fresh flowers and a turtle table make for summer décor at its best. All in all, this appealing cottage style living room inspires dreams of lazy summer days and breezy summer nights.

Summer Decor

Looking for quick and easy ways to add the look of summer to living room designs? Decorative throw pillows should top the list of summer décor fixes as the go-to decorative accessory of choice for instant design gratification. I love these big, bold and colorful flowers!

Summer Decor

A gorgeous backyard paradise, this one-room cottage getaway offers the ultimate way to celebrate a summer staycation.

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Who's ready for summer?!

Be sure to check out Design Shuffle for even more inspiration to get you prepared for summer.


Wow! Thank you Mari for all of the beautiful and inspiring images you have selected. I could move right in to several of those rooms. My favorite has to be that first image with the ocean views and the white chaise lounge. Give me a stack of books and magazines and I could spend all summer in this exact spot!

For more inspiration, be sure to visit Design Shuffle and check out their Blog and Design Gallery.
I am sure you will love their site as much as I do.

Thanks again Mari, Kristen,  and the whole team at Design Shuffle.


  1. Beautiful summer inspiration, I agree, the first photo is my favorite! I could spend some time relaxing in that room this summer.

  2. Beautiful inspiration. Congrats on the guest post!

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