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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pin it…and win it!

Today I was all set to write a post about Pinterest…my love of it and my addiction to it!
So imagine my delight when I opened up this e-mail…

Pinned Image

Seriously? Ballard Designs and Pinterest together…in a contest to win $1000 of merchandise?! This is an opportunity not to be passed up!

The details on the sweepstakes are as follows;
Create a pinterest board with at least four items found on BallardDesigns.com. Just one rule: The value of your items can’t exceed $1000.

I decided to create a board using Outdoor Décor. With summer approaching, it is time to spruce up the backyard. Not to mention that I will be hosting a Graduation Party for my oldest son…as he is graduating from High School and heading off to College this fall (sniff, sniff).
Here are the 4 items I choose for my Ballard Designs Outdoor Décor board…

Pinned Image

Starting with fresh new planters. I love the style and colors of the Toulon Planters. These are modeled after Anduze pots thrown by French potters from the 16th century. The Ballard versions are made of lightweight weather resistant poly-resin, finished with a high gloss glaze to resemble ceramic. Filled with some new ferns and bright blooms, a few of these would look fantastic around the pool.

Pinned Image

Next, I chose the Reims Rug to place under my outdoor dining table. I do not have a rug there currently, and I like the way an indoor/outdoor rug adds style and comfort to an outdoor space. This design reminds me of an vintage garden gate…perfect for our backyard patio.

Pinned Image

Nothing spruces up the yard quicker and easier that a couple of new pillows! These outdoor pillows with the bee and wreath motif are the perfect addition to add a little whimsy and style.

Pinned Image

Final and 4th item…the Quatrefoil Fountain. I love the ambiance that a water feature adds to the yard. I have the perfect spot for this fountain, next to our garden box. The sound of the water will create a soothing and relaxing spot to sit and enjoy the yard.

You can see all the details about the Ballard Designs sweepstakes here. Please stop over to Pinterest and visit my pin boards here. Just be sure you give yourself plenty of time…as everyone who has ever been to Pinterest knows…it is completely addicting!!

Now, before I win my favorite 4 items from Ballard Designs…I need to get outside and start pulling weeds in the yard! You know the old saying…”April showers bring May flowers”…well they also bring lots of weeds, weeds, weeds!

How are you sprucing up your backyard for summer?


  1. I just saw this in my in box from Ballard's. Still deciding what to put on mine. :)

  2. Today I made a list of spring/summer things I'd like to do. 4 pages long. So I *might* have to trim that down some, but so far I've already built a raised bed, planted a veggie garden, and started the garage purge. So next I'm tackling the deck, that outdoor rug would be great!


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