Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Slipper Chairs…

One of my favorite ways to add seating in a smaller space is by adding a couple of armless chairs…also known as Slipper Chairs.

Draper Slipper Chair
I like the versatility and function of this type of chair. They work in so many different  spaces…

Whether used alone or in pairs, they look equally great in a bedroom, living room, or as a cozy spot to read next to your fireplace.


The most recognizable feature of the Slipper Chair is its low, wide seat. Originally designed in the Victorian era for women to put on their stockings and shoes, keeping warm next to the fire. Today, the low profile not only provides comfortable seating but also adds a different size and scale to a room. By choosing a fun pattern or color, this chair adds some welcome personality to any setting.

How do you like to add extra seating in your home?


  1. I adore slipper chairs. I own 2 of them but would love to see them in a bold fabric such as the ones you posted. Your chair is lovely!

  2. I love the slipper chair. I plan on replacing my living room love seat with a pair.


  3. I love the West Elm chairs! I've used slipper chairs quite a bit in the past, although somehow in this house I wound up with 4 couches int eh living room and no chairs! Somehow it works, even though I have dreams of reclaiming my old chairs out of my husband's office one day:)


  4. As I was looking through all these photos, I especially loved the last one! Then I realized it was yours! You have beautiful taste! I wanted you to know I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to Elegant Nest! You've become a daily read for me and I always enjoy your posts! You may go here to see the post that features your blog!

    - Alicia


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