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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It’s about time…

Ever since seeing this image from Brooke Gianetti’s home tour on her beautiful blog  Velvet & Linen, I have been in love with Swedish clocks…

I have had this image in my inspiration files for a couple of years now…and I still love it.
The clock pictured above is a Swedish Mora Clock. This style has an interesting history.  The Mora clock is a staple in the Swedish design. Mora clocks are a type of long case clock which were made in, and derived their name from, the town of Mora in Dalarna province, Sweden. The Swedish Mora clock first appeared in Stockholm during the Rococo Period in the mid-eighteenth century. You can find a more information on the website Cupboards and Roses, which specialize in Swedish antiques.

The Mora clock can be found in many shapes, sizes, and colors. I can honestly say I love them all…

Here are a few more of my favorite images featuring the Swedish Mora clock…


There are also hanging versions of the Mora clock which are equally as beautiful and would work well if there is limited space…


Finally, I want to include a shot of my, and many others, favorite movie set…
via “Something’s Gotta Give”
I could move right into this house…and not change a thing!

Do you like the look of the Swedish Mora clock? What is your favorite style of clock?


  1. Thanks for the history on the Mora clock - I had no idea. I love the clock in that first photo from Brooke's blog. I think I prefer that to the free standing ones, but they are all beautiful. And how about that with one being in Something's Gotta Give. Thanks for stopping by my blog Laura!

  2. Love that clock and that movie! Great finds!


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