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Friday, August 10, 2012

Dorm Room Blues…

This week my oldest son is attending his college orientation so I am currently preparing for his move into the dorms.

Since this is my first child to move away, I must admit that I am feeling a bit like this…


However, since I do have to let him go I may as well make sure he has all the necessities in his new dorm room.

While browsing the internet I found the website for Bed, Bath & Beyond very well organized and offering everything a boy could need for his first year in college…and then some!

Bedding ~ clean, classic stripes in two shades of blue…


Alarm Clock ~ he is going to NEED one of these since he wont have Mom waking him up. This one has a “shaker” to put under your pillow…

iLuv Vibro II Alarm Clock with Shaker - Black

Shower Tote ~ this will come in handy to carry all his toiletries down the hall to the showers…  

Mesh Shower Tote

Laundry Bag ~ this will come in handy to carry all his dirty clothes home for Mom to wash!…

Novelty Icon Laundry Bag - Twice/Green


Closet Organizers ~ these are wonderful to make the most of your limited closet space…



Desk top organization and lighting ~  these lights work triple duty with storage and electronic plugs…
Desktop Organizer Lamps

Quirky Pivot Power Surge Protector ~ you can never have enough outlets these days…
Quirky Pivot Power Surge Protector - White

Electro Man Multi Outlet Plug ~ these guys are fun and functional!…

Electro Man Multi-Outlet Plug by Kikkerland

Storage Cubes ~ these can be stacked or hung on the wall…

Bed Lifts ~ another clever way of adding extra storage under the bed…

Tall Black Bed Lifts (Set of 4)

And finally…just for fun.

Funkalicious Toss Pillow ~ you can even create your own graphics…

Threadless Funkalicious Toss Pillow

Rock Star Wall Art
Bean Bag Chairs ~
Fuf Navy Twill Chair

All this will make his first year away from home a little more organized and easy to handle…but what about me? I wonder what Bed, Bath & Beyond sells for Mom’s experiencing “separation anxiety”!


  1. hahaha that comic is so true! love the laundry bag as well! Have a happy Friday and be sure to check out my giveaway ending soon :). BTW I am your newest follower and cannot wait to read more of your posts and hope that maybe you can return the favor and follow The Preppy Student. I always comment for every comment left on my page and hope to start a friendly relationship with your wonderful blog!

  2. Everything is packed here except the clothes, shoes, and personal items (getting it done tomorrow). Her big sis and I made a list of "must haves" a few months ago, as she has been there done that. It REALLY came in handy. We gave a copy to her roommate & mom as well. Of course, girls always take waaay more than the guys!! LOL

  3. What fun ideas! I have a son who is about to start driving and I really feel like the cartoon!


  4. Just the idea of my boys going to college one day gives me a pit in my stomach. I am thinking about you and wishing you the best! Why does it have to go by so fast?


  5. Hahaha I love that cartoon! It looks like he's all set!! If he's sharing showers with other people, make sure he's got some cheap flip flops! The floors can be kind of gross!! :)


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