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Monday, January 2, 2012

Mission Organization...

Fabric Covered Bulletin Boards.
I found these bulletin boards at a local thrift store and knew that I could use them to help with our household organization. All 3 for just $10 - sold! I decided to transform them from plain, office cubicle style tack boards into something much more stylish and functional.

I love having a place to tack up notes, appt. reminders, calendars, photos, inspiration...you name it and it will probably end up on a bulletin board at some point in my house!
They are especially useful near the telephone and computer.

Inspired by a post by Janell at Isabella & Max Rooms...I decided to cover the cork with fabric and line the edge with upholsery tacks for a custom look. See the easy step by step tutorial here.

I started by spray painting the frame of the bulletin boards black...

Then I cut some batting and fabric to fit the size of the board...

Next, I simply folded my fabric under and pinned it in place with the upholstery tacks...

I ordered my tacks online from Beacon Fabric & Notions - they have an excellent selection of tacks and supplies. I also purchased the Quick Nailer spacing tool...and am so glad I did! This valuable tool makes exact spacing of  tacks quick and easy.

As you can see, the upholstery tacks are evenly spaced and look great! No glue necessary, as the tacks hold the fabric perfectly in place.

I decided to hang one of new bulletin boards in our bonus room next to the computer/homework station. It makes a perfect place to collect and organize all the notes and papers that always seem to pile up in there!

I like the way it looks hanging next to the Belfast-Sparkling Water antique clock...a gift from my Great Aunt Helen. She had it hanging on her basement wall for 50 + years. I remember looking at it when I was a child, and came to visit.

What is your favorite way to add organization to your space?
Try a fabric covered bulletin board...it is the perfect place to hang the New Years Resolution List!

I am sharing this project over at Thrifty Decor Chick: Before and After Party...come check it out!



  1. Following you from thrifty decor chick-stop by for a visit!

  2. Thanks for following Clair...and Welcome! Your site is fun and I saw some wonderful DIY projects...keep em comin'!

  3. This is a great project to undertake. I love the look of the fabric (with batting, which makes a difference) and the tacks. It is a very finished look.

  4. Thanks Lisa. It was a pretty quick and easy project with really custom looking results. One tip...use a rubber mallett to tap in all the tacks...my thumb hurt for days! :)

  5. The fabric really makes the bulletin board beautiful. Using the tacks really took this project to the next level. Great tip about using a spacing tool.
    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  6. I saw this post on HomeTalk. Very nice! Love the tacks.


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