Monday, January 30, 2012

Sneeze with Style…

Tis the season to sniffle, sneeze and blow! Yes, we are suffering from a few head colds here in our house, but that does not mean we need to suffer with tacky tissue boxes!

I have always disliked the store bought tissue box designs – although they have come a long way from years past. I just don’t like seeing them set around my house.
So, I am on the hunt for a more decorative and designer approach to help stifle the sniffles with style!

Designer Fabric Tissue Box Cover

DIY tissue box cover

Linen Hemstitch Tissue Box Cover

Well, I did not have to search too far! These pictures show some great alternatives that you can purchase or DIY and customize to match your own décor.

Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover - Black.Opens in a new window

OK…the last one I added just for fun! Ha! This one would have fit perfectly with my post about Fun & Funny Gifts found here.

Happy Monday…Gesundeit!

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