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Monday, March 5, 2012

Let's take a walk...

While browsing through my new Pottery Barn catalog I came upon a photo of a beautiful room decorated in neutral shades, layered with texture and style.

I have had several clients say to me that when they find a photo of a room they love in catalogs, or shelter magazines, they just don't know where to start to get the same look.

Today, let's take a walk through this photo...

Notice the color palette of this room is mostly neutral...however,  layering of all the different textured decor keeps it looking interesting and inviting.

Starting with the beautiful and unique carved wood panel sitting on a table placed behind the couch. This piece is the starting point for the entire room.  The hand stamped iron lanterns add even more texture and would cast wonderful shadows from candlelight through their ornately pierced design.

Next,  notice the zinc topped coffee table..with its thick turned natural wood legs. This table looks almost hand made, like something you might have found in an antique shop. The oxidized patina of the zinc top is unexpected and adds alot of interest.

Moving on to the floor...first, I notice the hand-tufted wool pile rug in warm shades of terra cotta, blue and green. Then after looking a bit closer, notice that it is placed on top of another larger rug in a natural shade. Layering rugs is a great way to add texture, especially in neutral shades.

Finally, notice the interesting lamp placed on the side table. The burlap shade and glass base  look perfect together. The interesting shape of the base is enhanced by adding rolled scripts, tied with twine...you could also add other personal items like corks from your favorite wines, or shells collected from a vacation at the beach.

Don't forget the final touches...throw pillows that have the same colors as the rug, baskets and wooden balls on the coffee table, and I am loving that big wooden bowl underneath...a perfect spot to throw those catalogs and magazines we all love to browse!

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I first learned this technique..."walking through a picture"...in an art history class in college. The professor always had us "walk through" a painting, starting at one corner. This is an excellent way to focus on each aspect of a painting or photograph, and really see all of the elements. I think it also works great when working with clients, to help them see exactly what they like in an inspiration photo, and help them to achieve the same look for their space.

Next time you see a photograph or painting you love...try "walking through", corner to corner, and see all of the detail you might have missed at first glance.

How do you find your inspiration? What is your favorite technique to take that inspiration and make it a reality?


  1. That room is fabulous... but what Pottery Barn room isn't? I love your break down! All of the elements you mentioned are exactly where my eye when in the first glance! Could defiantly help people recreate a room from a magazine!

  2. I so do this! I take a photo and go over it inch by inch-I truly imagine myself sitting on that sofa or walking on that rug. Great post!

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