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Monday, March 19, 2012

Shoes…for furniture?!

Yes… apparently even couches and chairs love new shoes!

I recently found a company called PRETTYPEGS that manufacture and sell furniture legs, specifically designed for Ikea sofas and beds. Their tagline is “shoe your furniture” and they have many styles to choose from.

I love this idea! Not just because I love shoes…which I do! But also because I am very particular about certain styles of furniture legs. Leg style can dramatically change the look and feel of any piece of furniture.

Whether your style is sleek and modern, or more casual and funky…changing out the legs on your furniture is the perfect way to add color and personality to your room.

Why not have several sets of “shoes” to choose from…and change them out from season to season? After all, we do it with pillows and throws. Adding a new style or colored leg can quickly update and refresh a sofa…giving your room a whole new look and feel!

Prettypegs are made in Sweden and all of their products are custom made. Some are even made by hand! All for around $30…that’s half the price of a new custom made pillow, and way less than buying yourself a new pair of shoes!

Have you ever changed out the legs on your furniture? What are your favorite ways to give your room a quick and easy update?


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